In light of recent covid-19 outbreak, the RSBP team has decided to postpone the openining of pledges for the project until further Notice.


Zainab Pandor

[email protected]
083 783 1379 -whatsapp/ 073 900348- sms/call

Drop of Deadline :

3 Cosmos Place Lennoxton
  • Between 10 AM - 9 PM
  • Open from the 22nd May-22nd June
  • Zainab
  • 034 3154 877 - 0739003481
  • [email protected]
Soul city madressa
  • Soul city
various Madressas
  • Madadeni

Find a shoebox
Cover the shoebox. The box and lid should be covered separately.
You may decorate the box with paint, stickers, paper and other art work, appropriate for the age of the child.
Write the age and gender of the child on the top of the box.
Seal the box with only an elastic band so that the box can be easily opened to be checked.


Your box MUST contain the following:
• 1 toothbrush
• 1 toothpaste
• 1 wash cloth
• 1 packet of sweets
• 5 stationary items (eg:stick Pritt/Glue,sharpener,eraser,HB Pencil, pen)
• 1 packet colour pens/ crayons / pencil colours (age appropriate)
• socks
• 1 packet of sanitary pads (this only applies to females over the age of 12)
Optional items:
-1 age appropriate toy
-Gloves/ scarf
-hair brush

RSBP reserves the right to return boxes that do not comply. RSBP reserves the right to remove or add any items from your box. All items must be new. No old or used items are allowed. Please ensure that all items are age appropriate. Sweets should not contain nuts. Strictly, no Zakaat should be used for the items.