Port Elizabeth

Nuraan Begg Agherdien

[email protected]
078 133 4359

Deadline :

1 Habelgaarn Street Gelvan Park
33 Euphorbia Street Malabar (Opposit Masjid Mansoor)
  • Anytime
  • 14 May - 20 May 2018
  • Aunty Gameda Gangat
  • 0823763168
Helenvale Islamic Resource Centre
Children from Ext 6
  • Ext 6
Seyisi Jamaat Khaana Madressa
  • New Brighton
  • 0769185943
  • Sh Imaan Nakhomo
Madressa Marikanah
  • Marikanah
  • 0826208728
  • Najeeba Moosagie
Masjid Noor Madressa
  • Bloemendal
  • 0834398855
  • Appa Farrahnaaz

Find a shoebox with a separate lid or a flip top lid.

Cover the shoebox and lid separately with paper and decorate with stickers, pictures, drawings and paint. Make the box colourful as this will be the child’s “treasure box”.

Write BOY or GIRL and AGE on the top right hand corner of the lid.

Do not seal the box or wrap items individually as the boxes will be checked to ensure that they contain all items.

Write your Name & email or a piece of paper and leave inside the box. This will help us to know which boxes have come in and will be removed before distribution.

Close the box by securing the lid with an elastic band.


Your box must contain the following NEW items :
1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Wash cloth
4. Soap
5. Underwear
6. Socks
7. Beanie & gloves
8. Age appropriate stationery supplies
eg. colouring book, wax/pencil crayons, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, book, etc
9. Toy or special gift - age appropriate
10. Sweets or any treat

For age 12yrs & older please add:
Sanitary pads - girls
Roll on - boys

RSBP reserves the right to remove or add any items from your box. Strictly, no cash accepted. Sharp objects, medication, electronics, battery operated objects, glass or liquids are NOT allowed. All items must be new. No old or used items are allowed. Please ensure that all items are age appropriate. Sweets should not contain nuts. Strictly no zakat accepted.