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Drop of Deadline : 30 April 2021

10 Helicon Park, Olympus Drive, Helicon Heights
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Al Bilal Madrassah Section C
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  • Moulana Ahmed

Find a shoebox with dimensions approximately 30cm wide x 40cm long x 15cm deep.
Cover the shoebox. The box and lid should be covered separately.
You may decorate the box with paint, stickers, paper and other art work, appropriate for the age of the child.
Write the age and gender of the child on the top of the box.
Seal the box with only an elastic band so that the box can be easily opened to be checked.


Your box MUST contain the following:
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste
1 reusable Face mask
1 bottle body lotion
1 roll-on OR deodorant (only applies to girls and boys aged 10 and over)
1 face cloth
1 bar of soap with a soap container
1 small Vaseline or lip balm
1 packet of sanitary pad (this only applies to females over the age of 12)
1 reusable juice bottle and lunch box
1 pack of socks
1 beanie
5 age-appropriate stationery items
1 packet of sweets (should not exceed 150 g)
1 box biscuits
1 age-appropriate toy or special gift (the value should not exceed R150)

A note containing your name, phone number and email that you used when making the pledge, so that we can mark your pledge as received

RSBP reserves the right to return boxes that do not comply. RSBP reserves the right to remove or add any items from your box. Strictly, no cash accepted. Sharp objects, medication, electronics, battery operated objects, glass or liquids are NOT allowed. All items must be new. No old or used items are allowed. Please ensure that all items are age appropriate. Sweets should not contain nuts. Strictly, no zakat accepted